Ken Newman

Hi. I am Ken Newman and welcome to my author's page.​​

Why would any reasonable adult want to be a writer, you ask?

Growing up, books were always a magical thing.  Through books I  could be on Mars, the jungles of Venus, or twenty-thousand leagues under the sea.
The characters I read stayed and inspired me long after the last sentence. In some ways they were just as real as the people around me.
This is why I became a writer. I not only want to bring fantastic worlds and heroes to life, I want my novels to  haunt readers long afterthe story ends.

My stories run the gambit from horror and the supernatural to science fiction and action adventure.
I have written about beautiful Nephilims, angels, devils, biblical heroes out of their element, heroic adventures, spunky detectives facing darkest terror and mischievous living tattoos to mention a few.
I want to entertain, to bring a little joy into someone's life, a bit of an escape from the ordinary.
I hope that people will take a ride with me and get to know my novels.

 I have great news! SolsticePublishing has accepted  my occult detective thriller, Bedeviled.
Detective Inky Snow stumbles into trouble as a routine case spirals out of control. Inky never believed souls existed...until someone stole hers.

​I am very happy that Solstice Publishing is going to publish my urban fantasy The Witch Tattoo as well as my Christian science fiction novel The Ark.

Black Opal Books is going to publish my science fiction novel, The God Machine. I cannot express how happy I am to work with them again.

 My newest science fiction adventure, Dead Ends, was released by Black Opal Books on 11/05/16! If you like, you can order a copy now at the following link:

Ken's Amazon Author's Page